Areas of Specialization

Data Centers

It takes a firm with very a specialized skill set to successfully handle construction projects within data centers, and we at BD have that skill set.

The level of detail required in staging a data center renovation can be staggering. For example, just raising the floor from 18 to 36 inches may take a half-dozen phases in order to maintain uninterrupted operation throughout the renovation process. A project of this kind typically involves developing detailed plans to ensure that the operation goes off smoothly. That plan should include taking a detailed inventory of the data center equipment; managing the electrical, water and mechanical systems; and bringing in temporary backup generators or chillers to use during the construction.

We at BD have extensive experience successfully executing data center renovations and construction. It’s experience that our high-tech clients rely on, and that we are pleased to deliver.

Healthcare facilities

Renovation and construction at healthcare facilities (hospitals, nursing homes, urgent care centers, etc.) require safeguards and considerations that don’t typically affect a project: from infectious control and contaminant management, to patient diversion and more.

In fact, we undertook a major project for a hospital emergency department and they never had to go on diversion (when ambulances are diverted away from the hospital). That’s despite the fact that the project had the potential to create a significant disruption in the normal operations of the department. This project included major demolition and core drilling between floors. But all of the systems that had to be in full operation the entire time (air conditioning systems, sprinkler systems, nurse call systems, medical gasses) remained in operation, and never once did anybody ever feel that we were even there working.

Financial Services Institutions

BD has a well-earned reputation for perfection when it comes to the projects we’ve done for financial service institutions. For example, we earned a perfect 100 percent Project Quality Assessment score from one of our financial service clients, for whom we completed more than 150 retail bank renovations. These scores are based on post-project evaluations by a team of architects, engineers, marketing staff and construction management personnel.

We’ve also helped our financial service clients make the most of limited spaces. Today, the financial service industry has moved toward a retail location model based in part on making the most efficient use possible of limited square footage. We’ve worked closely with our financial service clients to maximize limited space within locations and make the most efficient use of that space, while still making it engaging for the customer.

Additionally, our financial service clients often stipulate that daily operations continue uninterrupted during renovation projects. To accomplish this, we typically work overnight and on weekends. But when it is necessary for us to be on a site during normal operating hours, we construct barriers, ramps, enclosures, and whatever other accommodations are necessary so that work can go on with little or no disturbance whatsoever.

Financial service institutions further require that there be absolutely no compromising of security during any phase of construction. To that end, BD performs above industry standard background checks on all of our personnel before they are ever permitted on the site.