About Us


Domenico Flavoni was born in Italy and came to America as a child. His father was in the construction industry and Domenico often went to work with him. He took a liking to construction and eventually began a career in the real estate industry where, among other things, he managed buildings and gained further insight into how the construction industry worked.

Jimie Deliteris started in the construction industry almost 30 years ago. He initially worked in engine rooms, managing buildings’ complex mechanical systems. He was an operating engineer for 21 years, and over that time he came to recognize there were no true contractors in the industry, and he saw an opportunity to fill that void.

Jimie and Domenico came together in 2004 and founded BD Development to fill the void they both saw in the construction industry: the need for a firm that offered a far more comprehensive list of services, including General Construction, Construction Management, Self-Performance, and Construction & Technical Consulting. They also infused their new company with a set of values regarding client service and a near obsessive attention to detail that is virtually impossible to find at other firms doing similar work.