Who is BD Development?

We’re a construction firm. A general contractor. Plus a construction and technical consultant. So, you might ask, what makes us different from any other firm? A great deal, actually.

Our 50+ years of combined experience in the construction and real estate industries inspired us to create a firm that understands the interrelationships between construction projects, property owners, property managers, and the facility itself. A firm where construction oversight at the ownership level is standard operating procedure.

Our clients recognize the value we bring to the table and they appreciate the fact that we self-perform much of the work on their projects. They also appreciate our very close attention to timelines and budgets.

If you want to work with a different kind of development and construction company, BD Development may be the firm you’ve been looking for.

BD Development. We don’t just build projects. We build relationships. And we’d be delighted to build one with you.