General Construction

As the General Contractor, BD Development carefully manages and assumes responsibility for all of the services necessary to successfully initiate and complete the construction phase of all projects.

Depending on the particular needs of each project, our services may include:

  • Filing for building permits
  • Securing the property
  • Providing site surveying and engineering
  • Providing temporary utilities and services on site
  • Provide and oversee all trades necessary to bring the project to completion
  • Managing all vendors, subcontractors and personnel on site
  • Disposing/Recycling of construction waste
  • Maintaining accurate records as construction progresses
  • Monitoring schedules and cash flows

Our goal is to make the transition of any project from paper to reality as smooth and painless as possible. That’s why we always maintain clear and constant communication between our team and all involved parties throughout the course of a project. This regular communication helps us stay within the proposed budget and enables us to deliver a “Best-In-Class” project within the agreed-upon schedule.