Eric Legone

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for BD Development.  As the chair of the Emergency Department at St. Vincent’s I worked closely with Jimie Deliteris as we underwent a major renovation, while continuing to care for almost 200 patients each day. Their work was nothing short of fantastic.  They were incredibly responsive, thoughtful and responsive to our needs.  We were able to complete large parts of the project with truly minimal, if any disruption to our work flow.  They worked as a team with our clinical, administrative and engineering providers to guarantee a great outcome with minimal disruption.

Unfortunately, due to financial considerations, our hospital closed prior to the final completion of the project.  However, from the large amount of work that was already completed, I am confident to say that we would have had a beautiful, highly functional Emergency Department, completed on budget with a minimal disruption to patient care.  If I had the option again to have them construct an ED I ran, I would do so without hesitation.





Eric Legone, MD
Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine

St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan