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Our New Home

BD is in the process of restoring and renovating our new corporate headquarters. The "1894 School House," in Amityville, New York, is a beautiful example of Victorian Gothic architecture and was the first building of its kind constructed in the area.

The School House is recognized as a local landmark and as part of the community’s heritage. When complete, our renovations to the building will retain the handsome details of the original design, while adding the state-of-the-art functionality we need to serve our clients. We are staying faithful to the original traditional details of this impressive building by incorporating interior finishes such as wood doors and crown moldings.

We have been working closely with the Village of Amityville and the local Historical Society, to make certain that any exterior improvements we make to our new home are consistent with the original design. And the same is true for projects we work on for our clients. If an existing structure is considered to be historically or architecturally significant, we will consult with whatever organizations we need to, in order to respect noteworthy original features as we add modern functionality.

Renovating our new headquarters serves as an example of BD’s ability to successfully integrate and preserve noteworthy design characteristics as we upgrade buildings to accommodate contemporary needs.